Am I a tree ?

If I were a tree
  and I would be growing
            where I was planted
I would not only
                          be shaped
                          from the inside
I would also follow
    the shape
      of all the walls
      of all the barriers
    around me
and my roots
    would also be shaped
    by the
        rocks placed around me
      and by the
          roots of all these others trees around me
          pushing against me
All these obstacles
    all these limits
          would prevent me
              from growing in their direction
          would be pushing me
      would influence me
          to grow
      in the other directions
And people passing by
    would say
  Oh look at this tree … how crooked and strange it is …
Would this shape
      that I would have
          be defining me ?
  Would this shape be me ?
And if I had been planted
  somewhere else ?
Somewhere with different walls
  somewhere with barriers on the other side
  somewhere with different trees around
I would have gotten another shape
  wouldn’t I ?
Would this other shape
    also define me ?
  Would it be me as well ?
And if I had been planted
    in a place
    with no walls
  and no barriers
      what shape would I have grown to ?
    Would I have grown in all directions ?
    Or only the ones that I would choose ?
    Or all the ones I was meant to grow into ?

What growing shape could would that be ?
Would that be me ?
      Would that be more me ?
  Would I be more of the tree I was meant to be ?

If I were a tree
      I couldn’t find out
      I could only
                      about it
                          being planted somewhere else
            and see myself grow
            into what I am

But I am not a tree
    Am I ?
And I could move my feet
    and walk
I could pull
        my roots
      from the ground
          in which they had such a hard time to grow
    and take them
        to another place
  which would allow me to grow
        without hitting all these walls and barriers
Could I ?

What shape
    would I take
                    then ?
What shape
      would I grow into
            then ?
Could I choose the direction of my growing ?
Would naturally follow the shape
        that is me ?
And what if
      I was also surrounded by other ones
      who could intertwine their roots with mine
          and help them grow deeper
        of pushing against them ?
  How more
      could I grow
          then ?

Could that
    be even more me yet ?
I …
  Well …
I …
I am not a tree

I am a human
A human
    dreaming that he is a tree
    dreaming that he is a human