Blue is not a color

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The start

It all started on a Tuesday. Three Tuesdays ago. Well, kinda. It’s difficult to be precise, with such things. When something starts exactly, I mean. Where’s the limit, you know. The exact limit. Some time before, you can say it’s not here. It’s not started. There’s nothing. And some time later, you’re sure it’s here. You can see it clearly. Well, I could see it. Clearly. Then, you know it started before. But when exactly between this time before and this time after, that’s difficult to say exactly. A bit before, and can you say it wasn’t here? At all? Can you, really? Not sure, you know. All I know for sure is that by late Tuesday it was here. Three Tuesdays ago. Definitely. What I don’t know is how it what it was exactly […]

« Blue is not a color », John Arnyeck, Lost Editions, 327p.