Game of Forks

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Chapter 1

– Wait… how many ?
– Seventeen
– That’s ridiculous. How many people even own that many forks ?
– Oh no… it happened in a restaurant.
– Ah OK… the victim got stabbed seventeen times in front of everyone dining there ?
– No no, it happened in the kitchen. That’s where he was found
– With seventeen forks in his back ?
– That’s right
– What do we know about him ?
– Nothing much. He was a cook there. The dessert specialist.
– A cook. Makes sense.
– Does it ?
– Not really. Forks, huh ? Say… No knife ?
– That’s the thing, Inspector, we couldn’t find any
– In his back ?
– No, in the whole kitchen. Not a single one. Only forks. And a few spoons.
– That… huh…
– So what do we do ?
– Oh… I’m not gonna like this one

« Game of Forks », John Arnyeck, 1744p. Lost Editions