Getting through

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Chapter 1

I didn’t want to go to the other side, you know. I didn’t even know there was another side. Not before you told me. Before you showed me. Why did you have to show me ? Did you know how I would react ? Did you guess ? Did I even have a choice ? Did you take pleasure in any of it ? Not giving me a chance to get my bearings ? To understand what was happening ? To find my way back ? Of course, there no way back, I know that now. None of it can be undone. The only way is to keep going. No stopping either. I’m sure you knew. So, let’s continue. You dragged me here. Well, it’s gonna be my turn, now. I won’t leave you a choice either. And I’ll take you with me to check if there yet another side to that other side. […]

« Getting through », John Arnyeck, Lost Editions, 522p.