Tea for two

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Chapter 1

I always liked when we had tea, you know. I liked to prepare it, for us. The time it took, alone in the kitchen. The sound of the water. And I, immobile, watching the leaves, wondering who would be with me, sharing the next moment, around the table, in the other room. Would it just be you, here with me, with your bright eyes looking at me. The you I always knew. And then, in the back of these generous eyes, would there be the other one, the presence I could only feel, sometimes, most of the time, that part which always seemed to be searching. For what. Would it come closer this time, could I catch a piece of it. And if I could ever follow it, where would it take me, and us.

I wish we could have tea once more, my dear.

« Tea for two », John Arnyeck, Lost Editions, 257p.