Tyrus Hingoldt

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Chapter 1

– What is it ?
– That, young lady, is a Tyrus Hingoldt
– A tie… what ?
– That’s the name of the man who built it. It has no name, really, so it was given its creator name. It’s very old. And very rare.
– It’s all rusty. What does it do ? How did you get it ?
She always had been the curious one, and her grand father was always ready to indulge
– My own grand father gave it to me. An his grand father gave it to him. He was a friend of Tyrus
– What does it do ? Why is it on your roof ?
She was 12. She was staying with him for the summer.
– The roof, that’s where it works best
– What does it do ?
– Well… that’s a long story. And I have all summer to tell you.
– Tell me !
– All in good time […]

« Tyrus Hingoldt », John Arnyeck, Lost Editions, 644p.