Where the devil is (not)

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Chapter 1

John was standing on the subway platform, looking very confused. Because he was. Confused. He checked again his wristwatch. The hands indicated 10:50. He looked again at the clock on the wall. 9:48. What…
– Excuse me… do you know what time it is ?
– Hmmm… confused by the daylight saving changes, hey ? Almost ten.
Daily saving ! Ooooh! He forgot. Twice a year, every year, he forgot.
Should he arrive at his grandmother’s an hour earlier for this Sunday visit ? No. He decided that he preferred to spend the free hour he had just been given it in a cafe, quietly. He entered the subway, smiling, anticipating a quiet hour of reading, watching people, daydreaming.
This is not what would happen.

« Where the devil is (not) », John Arnyeck, 243p., Lost Editions