An hour of silence

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Chapter 1

Five seconds.

The party had been going on for hours. He needed a pause. He stepped out on the terrace, and he moved to the side of the house to face the sun.


It was the end of the afternoon. The end of the summer. The sun was low. Everything has an orange glow.


He closed his eyes. The sound of the music receded. He reamined here, immobile, standing, breathing the warm light. A few minutes.


Something touched his shoulder, jarring him. He opened his eyes and the sunlight invaded him. It took him a moment to adjust, to remember where he was.

– John, you alright ?
– Great !
– You sure ? I’ve been looking for you.
– I just came here a few minutes.
– John, it’s been an hour.

« An hour of silence », John Arnyeck, Lost Editions, 441p.