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Chapter 1

What didn’t kill you
will try again

Sitting on his chair, hands on the desk, immobile, he heard the knocks on the door. Very clearly.
– Open up, John…
He didn’t move at all. His eyes were focused on the wall, detailing the shape of a small stain.
– John… please. I know you’re here…
– No I’m not, he thought, his eyes still locked on that stain. I’ll have to clean it, he thought.
She knocked again on the heavy door.
– John… I…
Five seconds. Ten. Fifteen. And she walked away. He heard her steps fading out. Very clearly.
And then it was silence. And he heard it too. Even more clearly.
He wanted to stay here, immobile, not moving ever again. An immense tiredness overwhelmed him. […]

« Fatally », John Arnyeck, Lost Editions, 265p.