Geilen Island

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Chapter 1 – End of summer is coming

Another Mojito?

Did he want one more?

No. Not today. Not anymore.

Slowly, John got up from the long chair and walked away from the garden. He wanted to be near the ocean. He wanted to look at it.

Every year, he came to Geilen Island. The beginning of summer felt so good here, warm and carefree, an horizon of nothing but simple pleasures. Each time it felt like it could last forever. Like it would. And so went his days on the island, one after the other. The Geilen Summers.

It was near the end of summer now. He could feel it. Like the past years. Coming from nowhere. That growing longing.
To leave. To return to the city.
Now, he wanted to cross that ocean. […]

« Geilen Island », John Arnyeck, Lost Editions, 243 p.